DIY Yarn Wall Art

DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art
DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art
DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art

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A couple of months after we moved into our apartment, I was in desperate need of a large statement piece to hang on the wall behind our couch. Yarn wall hangings are literally everywhere these days, but they tend to be crazy expensive. Sooooo I settled on making this yarn wall art myself! This super easy-to-make wall hanging has made its way around our little home and now resides over an old record cabinet in our dining room. 

This is arguably one of my favorite pieces in our little home, so I thought I'd share with you this super simple DIY yarn wall hanging. You can make it an any size or color and tailor it to your wants and needs! This large piece took me 30-45 minutes to make, but a small one only takes a couple minutes! 

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you need:

DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art

some motivation, creativity, and charisma

3-5 different yarn options (this is my favorite yarn)

a branch or dowel to hang the piece on (Think outside the box! I used a large branch for my big wall hanging)


a nail to hang it with



my fave yarn for this project:


step 1: choose your theme and Yarn Colors


Think about where your piece will be and what colors will look best in that space. Think about versatility, too. I have moved my large wall hanging three or four different times and specifically created it in neutral colors so it would fit well in any room. I used a variety of textures in my yarn choices as well. Some of the yarn was thicker and some was thinner. You could also substitute ribbon or some other unique alternative to yarn to really make the piece stand out, depending on your style!


DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art

step 2: cut your yarn

Hold your first color up against your dowel rod or branch and eyeball how long you want your piece to be. Then, double that length and begin cutting your pieces. I always try to cut them in bulk so I don't have to cut then tie then cut then tie, but don't worry if you don't cut enough because you can always add more! 




step 3: tie your yarn on the dowel or branch

DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art
DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art
DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art
DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art

Fold your piece of yarn in half. Put the loop end underneath the dowel. Pull the ends of the yarn over the dowel or branch and through the loop. Pull tight and adjust as needed.



You can alternate colors with every piece of yarn or do sections of colors. You can vary the widths of the sections and make it so the colors don't follow a pattern. You can vary texture, too! There are so many ways to make this piece your own.


step 5: trim the ends

DIY Do It Yourself Yarn Wall Art

I trimmed the ends in a zig-zag sort of way with no regards as to which colors I was trimming. But use your imagination and make it yours!


step 6: hang that sucker up and let it speak for itself

Or you can add a little oomph to it by adding tassels, beads, or putting a few drops of essential oils on the branch or dowel to make it smell delicious!


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