How Minimalism Shapes Us (+ 5 ways to start small)

A couple of weeks ago, I got connected with Lauren Sauder from Lauren Nicole Co. It's funny how things work. I was looking for a brand to collaborate on a giveaway with and came across her beautiful handiwork. I was flipping through her website (holy sheesh her stuff is preeeeettttty) and clicked on blog. Lo & behold, right in front of me was a blog post titled "How I Started My Minimalism Journey With Two Awesome Resources"Heyyyooooo...instant besties. From that moment I knew I wanted to partner with Lauren on a giveaway and I asked her to jump on board with me for some other goooooood things I have coming your way in the next few months. 

Lauren Nicole Co. Giveaway

Our little giveaway launched this week on Instagram and we are gifting this lovely clutch to one lucky winner this coming Saturday! Visit my Instagram for details on how to enter & win (and check out Lauren's line on Society 6, where this clutch came from)! It's truly the perfect little summer accessory.

Anywaaaay...back to minimalism. As Lauren and I began to share our stories, it became increasingly apparent to me not only how similar our stories are, but how as we begin to make the subtle shift towards minimalism, our whole worlds start to change. 

For the hubs and I, our changes towards minimalism started with a simple priority shift. That change in priorities from things that don't matter to things that do was only the beginning. As we started throwing things out, tightening up our budget, and being more careful with our time, other areas of our lives like our marriage and our jobs and our goals began to benefit. Minimalism (as we define it) started to shape our world, starting with a simple change in priorities. The fruit of minimalism is more than we originally planned for and definitely more than what we expected!

For Lauren, as she began to make small and simple changes towards minimalism during her move to Nashville, her plan for her business began to drastically shift towards a brand that would allow her to express simplicity and celebrate simple living through her designs. Now, her goal is to focus less on what she has and more on the relationships she is building. As she was telling me her story, I couldn't help but get excited about the ways minimalism will change her that she doesn't even realize yet!

Isn't that always the case though? So often we plan on things or put expectations on things and the impact that they have, but it isn't until we look back that we are able to fully recognize the change that has occurred. 

If you're hesitant to begin the journey to minimalism, here are some simple ways to dip your toes in the water. Who knows...maybe you'll see some unexpected changes too!


1. create a capsule wardrobe

Super simple to do (because I created a handy-dandy guide for you to do it...duh). The great thing about a capsule wardrobe is that it can be temporary OR permanent, depending on your needs. For a low-commitment capsule wardrobe (great for if you're nervous to start this journey), simply pull from your existing closet and put the clothes that aren't a part of your capsule wardrobe into storage for a while. 


2. Make a savings plan

Start saving a little bit of money here or there, even if it's only $10 a month! You would be amazed at how quickly the simple act of saving money can change your mindset and bring you some freedom. Since starting our journey to minimalism, we've been able to save more money than we ever thought possible.


3. Keep a gratitude journal

Start writing down the things you are thankful for every day. Lauren has an awesome post on gratitude here!


4. Clean out one room of your house

Start by going through and decluttering one room of your house (even if it's a small room like your closet or do women accumulate so many small bottles of lotion!?). Cleaning out one room could prompt you to clean out another and another and another until...VOILA! Your whole house is decluttered.


5. Dream a little

My faaaave. A huge part of minimalism for us is pouring into the things that matter most to us. One of those things is our dreams. We carve out time, energy, and money to focus on our goals and dreams for the future. Every small step is a step closer to the things we really want in life and even if it's not getting us super far right now, it feels good to know we're working towards something. Make a list of your dreams and decide practically how you can pour something into them starting right now.


Little changes can be a catalyst into something way beyond ourselves. Steven & I started small. Lauren did too. Minimalism doesn't happen overnight. However, it certainly did become (and is still becoming) something none of us expected it to be!