Oversized Tassel Wall Hanging

Oversized Tassel Wall Hanging

Ya'll, this DIY has been in the back of my head for quite some time. It's no secret that I've been a little bit lazy lately (helloooooo I'm growing a human) but I'm excited to finally get this little project off my chest. I had actually hoped to make this SUPERSIZED but I underestimated how much yarn I would need, so the finished product is about the same size as most of the other woven wall hangings I've made. 

Tassel wall hangings have become kind of a big thing lately, so I'm excited to be adding this one to our home. It's so easy to make aaaaand I have a bunch of yarn at my house that is just collecting dust.

(Let me interrupt you for a moment to tell you a really great yarn story: See that giant spool of yarn in the photo below? Yeah. Giant, I know. Well in high school, some friends of mine were staying over at my house and all of our guy friends were staying at another house in a cul-de-sac. We wanted to prank them, so we went to a thrift store (???) to see what we could use against them. We scored this spool of yarn for $2 and managed to make a giant spider web out of the ENTIRE cul-de-sac with said spool of yarn. Needless to say people were pretty pissed about it. Seven years later and that $2 was well-worth it.)


Oversized Tassel Wall Hanging



Yarn of various colors and textures (don't worry if your dog chewed up your yarn like mine...it's fine. you're fine.) 


A board, picture frame, etc. to make the tassels with (I'll explain)




Oversized Tassel Wall Hanging
Oversized Tassel Wall Hanging

Decide how big you'd like your tassels to be. You'll have to find something to wrap the yarn around. The bigger the item, the bigger the tassel. I didn't have cardboard handy so I just grabbed a picture frame I had lying around the house. Begin by wrapping the yarn around whatever you are using. The more yarn you wrap around, the more bulky the tassel will be. When you're satisfied, cut the yarn off of whatever you're using. This basically makes ten million pieces of yarn that are the same length. 


step two:

Oversized Tassel Wall Hanging

Lay the strands out flat. Take one strand and tie it in the middle. Fold the whole piece over and tie another strand around the top.


step three:

Repeat. Make tassels of different sizes, colors, and fullness. 



Oversized Tassel Wall Hanging

Thread a string through the top of each tassel. 


step five:


Arrange them how you'd like then tie a slipknot at the top.


step six:

Oversized Tassel Wall Hanging

Hang it up and enjoy!


I contemplated adding some copper deco to the tassels, but in our recent move I seem to have misplaced some of my craft stuff sooooooo it didn't happen. But I am loving the simplicity of this piece and it works really well in our little hallway. Don't be afraid to make it your own and add some color. I suck at color so I opted for neutrals, but you can really do whatever you want with this piece!