Surviving Wardrobe Woes In Your First And Second Trimesters

I just hit the halfway point in my pregnancy!

Time has flown by and I just can't believe it. I'm sorry I've been in and out, but I'm really trying you guys! 

I have had a fairly easy pregnancy. Although I lost my appetite in my first trimester, I wasn't really sick at all. There have been days where I've been tired and sore, but it hasn't been unbearable. I have had some really random symptoms that people don't tell you about, but overall it's been pretty smooth-sailing. The hardest parts have been migraines and mood swings. I had chronic migraines before, and pregnancy means I can't take my prescription meds. Boooooo. And I have had crazy mood swings, a lack of confidence, and a very low emotional capacity to boot.

Add in the frustration of NONE of my clothes fitting and being in that awkward stage where some people can't tell if I'm pregnant or fat, and UUUUUUGH. Somebody help me. 

Luckily, at 17 weeks, there are a couple of things I've learned that have help me conquer my first and second trimester wardrobe woes. 


Make Smart Purchases


This felt like a no-brainer to me from the beginning. Since 3 weeks and 6 days when I found out I was pregnant, I have not bought anything that I couldn't wear well into my second trimester. I wanted to make the transition to maternity clothes as easy as possible, so any purchases since that day have been loose-fitting clothes that give my bump room to grow. It doesn't make any sense to go spend money on something that won't fit you in a couple weeks' time (and thus, will make you feel "fat" and "ugly" and will knock down any ounce of confidence you had before). That being said, sizing up in clothes just to make room for your bump can leave you with an unflattering fit. Choose items that are already meant to be oversized instead of buying an item in a bigger size. 


Put clothes that don't fit out of sight

Out of sight, out of mind. As you find you are growing out of your favorite shirt or dress, simply put it in another closet until you can wear it again. Only having clothes in your closet that fit you and make you feel like the queen you are will prevent many a wardrobe meltdown and keep you feeling confident in your ever-changing bod. 



Between the bloat bump and the real bump, I was pretty much over wearing my old jeans at Week 10. At that point, I had about five pairs of jeans that didn't (comfortably) fit, a pair of maternity jeans that I wasn't big enough for, and two pairs of maternity jeans that were given to me that I hated. Talk about frustration. If you're looking for a quick fix, try the hair tie trick!

Buuuut if you're a little bit more crafty and you have a sewing machine handy...DIY some maternity jeans. I cut the maternity band off of one of the pairs of maternity jeans that I hated and cut a rectangle out of the front of a pair of jeans with a busted belt loop. Then I sewed half of the maternity band into the part I had cut out of my jeans. BOOM BABY. DIY Madewell maternity jeans. 

(I super suck at sewing so I did a really shoddy job and did not want to try to coach people through an elaborate DIY. You can find several different DIY's on Pinterest, but through trial and error I did learn NOT to cut off the back waistband of your jeans because then they won't stay up and that the easiest way to make jeans that will transition you into your third trimester is just by cutting off the front of them and adding a stretchy panel. But you do you.)

You would not believe how much difference a good pair of jeans has made to me after weeks and weeks of feeling uncomfortable and frustrated by my old jeans. Make a good pair of jeans a priority, especially during a time when you're not feeling yourself and your confidence has probably taken a hit. Whether this means DIY-ing it or spending hours trying on maternity jeans to find a pair that fits well, make it happen. Good jeans changes lives, people. 


Take advantage of comfy clothes

Aight, let's get something straight: I am not a leggings and t-shirt type of girl. Buuuut desperate times call for desperate measures and now, here I am promoting leggings and t-shirts. Who am I even!? If pregnancy has taught me anything, it's that leggings don't have to look lazy and that comfy doesn't have to be ugly. Pair your leggings with a long t-shirt, cute necklace, and some sandals. Wear a comfy jersey jumpsuit (heyyyyy Gap) instead of pants. Throw on a maxi dress or maxi skirt. Wear a sports bra whenever possible...seriously, whenever you can. Take advantage of any opportunity you have to wear comfy clothes ( don't wear clothes). Be on the lookout for some comfy meets cute outfit inspiration in the coming weeks!


Take care of yourself

This is a biiiiig one. Anyone who has been or is currently pregnant knows that weiiird things happen to your body. There comes a point when it starts becoming unrecognizable and you feel like you have zero control. I found that taking care of myself in little ways helped boost my confidence and made me feel like a human again. I started applying cocoa butter to the bump, using face masks, and giving myself foot massages regularly. I changed up my skincare routine to get rid of acne and take advantage of that "pregnancy glow". I also make a point to do my hair and make-up most mornings because those two things are confidence boosters to me. These little things have made me feel a whole heck of a lot better about myself!


Don't be afraid to show off the bump as soon as you have one

Bloat, baby, off that bump! Wear it loud and proud when you're ready for the world to know. You are carrying a little life inside of you...girl, flaunt it. 


How did you conquer early pregnancy wardrobe woes?