How We Are Sticking To Our Minimalist Values During Pregnancy

Minimalism During Pregnancy



Our version of minimalism looked like simplifying our physical possessions, decluttering our lives, and focusing in on our priorities. In January, we found out we are expecting and our life got turned upside down! Our number one priority became our son (holy crap wow yeah that's a thing) and we began to fill his nursery with furniture and little boy clothes. Four months later, we have accumulated a multitude of things, some necessary, and some not-so-necessary. 

You guys, babies can be expensive and they can require a bunch of stuff, but we are trying really hard to keep the extras to a minimum! I'm learning a lot about how to maintain our minimalist values during my pregnancy and make sure the stuff we are accumulating will be well-used. 


buy used (OR BORROW):

One of the most useful things I've done so far in my pregnancy is sold the clothes I got rid of during my six week minimalism challenge and used the money to start stocking up on maternity clothes for my growing bump. There are some baby-related products I would never buy used, but maternity clothes seemed like a no-brainer to me! I've earned (and thus, spent) over $300 so far selling (and buying) my clothing on Poshmark and I have a good chunk of my maternity wardrobe in my closet already (with the exception of a couple pairs of jeans, shorts, and also a swimsuit). I have also bought a couple of used clothing items here or there for our little man and it hasn't cost me anything but time!


plan ahead:

When we started our minimalism challenge at the end of December, we started setting aside furniture we didn't have any use for to use in our someday nursery. We didn't know that "someday" would be so soon, but nevertheless, we ended up with a rocking recliner, a bookshelf, a laundry basket, a dresser, and a rug for our nursery just by recycling furniture that didn't have a home already. We started planning ahead for the little one we would someday have by setting things aside that we thought might function well in a nursery, but we also wanted the things we bought to be items that can be repurposed in the future. We opted for a stylish (and inexpensive) tray table from IKEA to set next to the rocker that will work well as a side table in our living room when our little grows older. We bought several wicker baskets for storage in his room that we can use for other purposes as he grows. We also opted for a large cabinet instead of a changing table. We are adding a changing table mattress and tray to the top for now and will repurpose it as toy storage for later! Our little man's crib is really the only furniture item we won't be able to use once we're done having kiddos. By ensuring the furniture in our nursery isn't "baby-themed", we've invested in pieces that will hopefully float around our home for years to come. 


keep your registry simple:

I am so thankful for my job as a nanny because I get to see firsthand what baby luxury items really do come in handy and what sits in the corner collecting dust. The hubs and I have vowed to keep our registry to a minimum and register for only baby necessities and a small handful of luxury items that we know we want. We hope by doing this, we can keep our accumulation of stuff in control! And we know that as our little one grows up, his needs will change and his toy collection will grow and his tiny baby clothes will be swapped out for toddler things. The time we will have with our little baby will be short and a lot of the luxury items we are foregoing would soon be impractical. The other thing we are trying to keep in mind is that if we register for the bare minimum, we can always go out and buy something extra that we see a need for later! 


Money saved + space saved + energy saved = happy minimialist-ish parents-to-be.