How I Bought My Maternity Wardrobe Without Spending A Dime

In December of 2016, I started a six week minimalism challenge that involved simplifying myself, my closet, our physical possessions, our spending habits, and our life in general. Week 2 of that challenge involved a complete closet overhaul for both my husband and I. As we sifted through our many, many, many clothes, we sorted our unwanted items into two piles: trash and sell. Anything that wasn't damaged, stained, or dingy went into the sell pile. 


For a couple of weeks the sell pile just sat there staring at me. I had tried to sell clothes in various ways before with no luck. This time, I was hoping to actually make money on them. After getting rid of 3/4 of my wardrobe, you can imagine my frustration (and also ridiculous excitement) when just a few weeks later I found out I'd soon be buying MORE clothes to accommodate a growing baby bump. Now not only could we really use the money, but I knew I had a long list of clothing I'd need to buy over the next nine months. I needed to find a fast, easy, and effective way to sell our old clothes and make a couple bucks.


Enter Poshmark. Poshmark is a website and app that makes selling clothes and accessories super easy. You can list your items on the website and when someone purchases an item, Poshmark sends you a shipping label. You throw the item in a box, put the shipping label on it, and toss it in the drop box at the post office (ask me how long it took me to figure out I didn't have to wait in the super long post office lines). Once the buyer receives and accepts your item, your money shows up in your Poshmark account. You can then either use those credits to buy clothes from other Poshmark sellers or you can cash it out!


So easy, right?? The best part is that PEOPLE ACTUALLY BUY YOUR STUFF. I'm not kidding. In the past six months, I've made over $300 on Poshmark. Yeah, that's not actually that much money in the grand scheme of things. Buuuut, I have used my Poshmark credits to purchase the majority of my maternity wardrobe (with the exception of pants and a swimsuit) and I'm still actively selling items and making money!  Plus that's $300 less that I'm spending out of our own pockets.

Here's how you can sell all your stuff too!


1. go through your closet

Get rid of anything that doesn't fit you, that doesn't flatter you, that's damaged or stained, that you don't love, and that doesn't fit your style. Sort into two piles: trash and sell. Trash the trash pile and get ready to make some moola on the sell pile!


2. Download the Poshmark app (or visit their website) AND GET A $5 BONUS WHEN YOU SIGN UP!

Sign up with the code "GYTPR". That's my sign-up coooode. Simply input it when you fill out your seller info on either the website or the app and you get a $5 bonus! HEYYYOOOOOOO.


3. List your items

I think listing your items is easier on the app, but you can do it on the website too. If you're using the app, you can take pictures of the products in the app and upload them straight to the listing. Provide as much info as you can, just like you would like to see when looking at items to buy. 

Helpful hint: opt for listing your items at a decently high price. People can make a lower offer if they are seriously interested. Other people might just buy it at that price! If you notice many people are "liking" one item but not buying, you can always lower the price and people will bite.



...and make that moneyyy. Like I mentioned earlier, you can either use your Poshmark credits to purchase things from other sellers (mostly used clothes, but sometimes you can find things that are new) or you can cash out. 


That's it! This website is super helpful for those of you doing a closet cleanse or just looking for an extra way to make some cash. It's easy to use and effective, which you can't really say for websites like Ebay or Craigslist. Hopefully you find it as useful as I have!


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