I'm baaaaack!

Dear readers,


You are all saints for hanging in there with me while I've been away. I tried really hard to keep up with blogging during this super crazy time in our lives, but it was toooo hard to keep such big things from you! So here's a long post about my life lately and what I'm hoping for this blog to be moving forward:

When we rang in the New Year this year, I was extremely fearful of what this year would bring. 2015 brought the death of my  mom, and with it, grief and PTSD. 2016 brought Steven's mom's cancer diagnosis and a long and scary journey for our whole family. I wanted this year to be "normal" (whatever that is) and for the first time in a while, I wanted it to be trauma-free. I prayed for blessings this year and for good and happy things. 

On January 22nd, we found out that I am pregnant with our first little! TALK ABOUT BLESSINGS. Holy wow.

In the days following, literally the only thing going through my mind was, "Holy crap there is so much to pin on Pinterest right now." So I spent the entire fourth week of my pregnancy in a Pinterest hole. 

Then we packed up our lives, and over a three week period, moved out of our apartment, into Steven's mom's house, and then to the home we are currently renting. It is perfect and magical and everything I could ever want to bring our baby home to (although I don't suggest moving while you're pregnant....just....no).

We have spent the past couple of weeks getting settled before announcing our pregnancy this past weekend. 

I took a break from blogging for several reasons. The first is that I have such a one-track mind about my growing kiddo right now. My entire world is focused on this little tiny strawberry-sized human inside of me (heyyyyy 10 weeks). We have also had so much going on the past several weeks that I knew I couldn't possibly keep up. My top priorities have been taking care of myself and my hubs and getting us settled in our new home. Also, while I haven't had much morning sickness and have been feeling pretty great, I am extremely tired and unmotivated. I'm hoping the exhaustion will taper off as I get closer to my second trimester, but it has taken a ton of effort for me to get the things done that I need to do (like laundry and cleaning the house and editing photos for clients and working full-time), let alone do the things I want to do (like blogging and hanging out with other humans). 

All that to say, now that we have announced our pregnancy and I can talk freely about hands-down the BIGGEST thing happening in our lives, I'm very excited to say that...

I'm baaaaaaaack.

Slowly but surely, I am making an effort to be present here and on social media! I am hoping to start posting more next week!


What you can expect from me in the future:

I'm sure that as my belly grows, I'll have many thoughts to share about pregnancy, baby, and parenthood related things. This blog will continue to be a place where I will talk minimalism, share about my favorite fashion trends and home decor, and post my fave DIY projects, but as I'm entering into a new season, there are new things for me to be excited about and inspired by that I'll want to share as well!

To my Six Week Minimalism Challenge readers: posting Week 6 is next on my list of things to do! Thanks for being patient through this process. 

Much love to my faithful readers! I'm so excited to bring you along on this journey and share allllllll the baby thingz with you.