Kansas City Spotlight: Josiah Davie


Josiah Davie is a local lifestyle, product placement, and portrait photographer who recently relocated here from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's also a dear friend of ours. We really love his aesthetic and the heart behind his work, so we're so excited to be interviewing him!


what got you interested in photography? 

"My dad used to be a photographer when he was younger and my sister dabbled in it when she was growing up. One day I saw someone shooting and I thought it looked like fun, so I bought a camera and it blew up from there. "

Josiah Davie


how long have you been doing photography? 

"I've been pursuing it full-time for two years. Actually, three years ago today I put up a Facebook status saying, 'Should I pursue photography?'"


What inspires you? 

"That's a great question and it's so hard because each person inspires me and each place inspires me. I guess in a more broad sense, people who are pursuing their dreams and pursuing the things that make them excited inspire me to do the same."


How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired?  

"Meeting with other creatives and talking about art in general. That inspires me because we can feed off of each other."


What's your favorite thing to photograph and why?  

"I love photographing people because you can capture an emotion and the person in a moment, but what I like to do is make it almost cinematic-feeling, so it almost like tells a story in itself. It's almost like a clip from a movie."


Josiah Davie

Where do you see your business going?

"I don't really care about money. I just want my business to inspire people to do what they want to do and to do the things that make them happy or excited."


What has been the most challenging part of running your own business?  

"Waking up everyday and being diligent to pursue more outlets and more clients to work with instead of just sitting back and letting the work come to you."



"Sigma Art 35mm 1.4." (<---same as me.)


What do you do in your free time? 

"I'm a musician as well. I've been playing drums and piano for 13 years, and I play acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. I also sing and write. And I drink too much coffee."


What's your favorite local spot?

"Goat Hill Coffee, of course. I love the Westside neighborhood. Also, the manager is my sister. The coffee is phenomenal, the atmosphere is great, and the employees are to die for (Hi Katie)."


How can people contact you?

"My website is www.josiahdavie.com, but for more recent work, visit my Instagram (@josiahdavie)."



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