3 Ways To Style Straight Leg Jeans

Happy Tuesday to youuuu. My day started out at jury duty if that gives you any indication of how well it's going. 

Just wanted to send some love to my readers, especially those of you participating in my minimalism challenge. I am really excited about how it's going! In my efforts to minimize my closet, I have been taking stock of what I have and naming what pieces in my closet are key to my wardrobe. One of my favorite pieces is a pair of "sexy boyfriend" Gap jeans that I scored at a thrift store for less than $10. I cut them off and distressed them myself. They are one of two pairs of straight leg jeans I own and I am super proud to call them a staple in my wardrobe. 

Since skinny jeans are all the rage, I thought I'd share ways to add in a pair of straight leg jeans to your wardrobe without outdating it. I tend to keep things really simple and playful. 


Pair them with a chunky sweater & boots.

Three Ways To Style Straight Leg Jeans

Okay, let's be real. Chunky sweaters look fantabulous with everything (that's a word I swear). They take a pair of old straight leg jeans up a level by adding some interesting texture and volume. I think chunky sweaters look super cozy, too. And I normally wear a heel with straight leg jeans because I think it looks better! But hey, you do you. 


Wear something oversized.

Three Ways To Style Straight Leg Jeans

I'm kind of into wearing my favorite long cardigan with my straight leg jeans. Once again, it adds an interesting element to an otherwise boring pair of jeans. A long cardigan can balance out high-waisted jeans if that's what you're wearing. I always pair my straight leg jeans with very simple, but bold pieces (like a long cardigan with a basic striped t-shirt underneath). Also, keep your accessories simple. Maybe throw on a hat or scarf. 


Rock a canadian tuxedo.

A loose fitting denim shirt (paired with the right shoe) has the ability to take a simple pair of jeans and make them look very fashionable. I love the denim-on-denim look so I paired a very light wash chambray shirt with a medium wash jean. Your best bet with a Canadian tuxedo is to pair two very different shades of denim together. Otherwise, your look might clash. If you're going this route, add in some interesting and modern accessories!


These babies are some of my fave jeans to wear! And after years of favoring super tight skinnies, it's kind of nice to opt for comfort without sacrificing style (and vice versa). 


what's your favorite way to wear straight leg jeans?