3 Ways To Style A Basic Turtleneck

Let's talk turtlenecks.

Sooooooo 90's. I mean, I wore turtlenecks with stirrup pants, okay? But, what goes around comes around, and turtlenecks have certainly come back around this season. For the first time since probably 2005 or something, I bought two basic turtleneck shirts and a turtleneck sweater and I am ROCKING the turtleneck look this year. 

This is one of my turtlenecks from Gap. It is gloriously comfy and long enough to wear with leggings. Holla. 

Three ways to style a basic turtleneck

If you're unsure of bringing back this trend or you aren't confident in your abilities to make it look a little less outdated, here are my favorite ways to update this look.


Look #1: Wear it with a vest

Okay, not like your grandpa's sweater vest. Denim vests are a great, edgy option. I also like to wear this turtleneck with a black puffy vest I got from Gap a while back. (Can you tell I'm a Gap fanatic??) Vests are a great layering piece and they don't require a ton of accessorizing!

Three ways to style a basic turtleneck


Look #2: Tuck it into high waisted Jeans

Show off those curves with some high waisted jeans. A simple turtleneck with jeans is classy and adorable, but make sure you accessorize well! Throw on a simple necklace and some cute loafers or boots with this look. 

Three ways to style a basic turtleneck



This jacket is also Gap and it is fab. (Okay, now you can really tell I'm a Gap fanatic). If you're wearing a basic turtleneck, pair it with an interesting piece like this grey jacket, a denim jacket, or a simple, long cardigan. Minimal effort + maximum comfort and warmth = great winter outfit. 

Three ways to style a basic turtleneck


Ya'll. Don't shy away from trends that are making their way back around from the 90's. You can find the turtleneck pictured here, but I also love this turtleneck and this one as well. 


what's your favorite way to wear a turtleneck?