The Journey To Minimalism


When I first wrote this post, I launched a free Six Week Minimalism Challenge with it. This post was really the beginning of officially declaring that I am living a minimalist lifestyle. Since then, I have developed a Six Week Minimalism E-Course. I am so excited for what this post has become in my life and so thrilled to share it with you! Check out my e-course for more on Minimalism!


Confession: I started a blog with the tagline "Curated Minimalism" even though I have a million miles to go to living a minimalist lifestyle. 

Here's a little backstory to the journey I'm embarking on:

My husband and I met for the first time in person in November 2013 (after following each other on Instagram for a year...another story for another time...). We dated off and on and broke up in August 2014. Shortly after, my husband sold pretty much everything he had and moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with two suitcases and the clothes on his back. At the end of 2014, we got back together while he was still living in Steamboat Springs and he ultimately moved back in April 2015 to be with me and to marry me. When he first moved back, one of his biggest takeaways was a desire to live life simply, the way he had for eight months in Colorado. It was easy to live a really simple life when we had no money. But living a simple life quickly turned into a second car, a motorcycle, new furniture just because, hundreds of new clothes and shoes between the two of us, keeping things for "when we have a house someday", upgrading our camera gear, and making many, many unnecessary purchases (including way too many houseplants...oops). 

This year for Christmas, our family had a white elephant gift exchange where we were supposed to bring an item from home. The real wake-up call for me was arguing with my husband over what to wrap because in our home filled with so many unnecessary things, we couldn't agree on two things to give away. 

Okay, HELLOOOOOOOOO. Clearly something isn't right with this picture. We are way too attached to the five pairs of scissors we own and the thirty mugs in our kitchen cabinet and those overalls that no longer fit me because of The Great Weight Gain of 2016. 

In all reality, we do live a simple life. We don't have all that much and we live on very little. We have learned in the past year how important it is to pour into the things that matter most to us and we have done that successfully. But still, I know that we have veered far off the course of the simple life we had planned. So my New Year's Resolution is to simplify. STARTING TODAY.