What's In Our Bag? Our Favorite Photography Gear

Favorite Photography Gear Camera Gear

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For four years, we've been learning and growing as photographers, adding to our gear collection as we go. Here's a look at our photography gear and what our favorite items are.


our favorite PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR:


Favorite Photography Gear Camera Gear


We both upgraded from Canon 5D Mark II's to Canon 6D's. We love this camera soooo much! It performs really well in low-light and it also has Wifi connectivity, so we can download photos to our phones in a snap or remote shoot from our phones. 


Favorite Photography Gear Camera Gear

SIGMA 35MM F/1.4

This lens. Oooooh this lens. We love it so much that we fight over who gets to use it. We love it for just about everything, from portraits to weddings to gorgeous cityscapes. And since it's a wide angle, it's great for small spaces. We are hoping to get another one of these guys in the future. 

Favorite Photography Gear Camera Gear


We chose to purchase the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 versus the Canon 35mm f/1.4 because the quality is as good as, if not better than the Canon but the Sigma is a couple hundred dollars cheaper! We read several reviews about both lenses and ultimately ended up choosing the Sigma mainly for the price difference. We don't regret it!

Photography equipment Camera Gear 3.jpg

CANON 50MM F/1.8

This is the first lens anyone ever told me to buy outside of the kit lens that came with my very first DSLR camera. This is an awesome lens for portraits and we use it religiously at weddings. The Canon 50mm f/1.4 is next on our list of upgrades we need to make!

Favorite Photography Gear Camera Gear

CANON 85MM F/1.8

While we really love this lens, we pretty much exclusively use it for weddings. It's great for close-up shots of the bride and groom at the alter and it offers amazing depth of field. It's not all that practical for everyday use, but it is a must-have for any wedding photographer!

Favorite Photography Gear Camera Gear


With how much shooting we do, we go through flashes like crazy. We've tried several inexpensive flashes and this is the one we like best for what we do. It has a sensor on it to help focus in low light which, paired with the Canon 6D, makes for great reception photos!

Favorite Photography Gear Camera Gear


Batteries, chargers, lens hoods, memory cards (four out of five hundred million bajillion pictured)...all the little things that keep us clicking that focus button.

Favorite Photography Gear Camera Gear


We are new to film photography, but I scored this baby for Steven for his birthday last year and we love taking our personal pictures on it. It's expensive to get film developed, but it's such a fun contrast to the instant gratification of a digital camera. We also have an Instax Mini that isn't pictured.